Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems

Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems

World GIS Day 2016 Symposium

26 September 2016

"World GIS Day" that was hosted by our Ministry, was celebrated in Ankara last year. This year it will be held on Haliç Congress Centre in İstanbul with theme of "To understand the present, to share the future" between 24-25 November 2016 and with the participation of related public institutions and organizations in our country, local governments, universities, companies, civil society organizations; and also public administrators, academics, experts and technical staff from the Balkan countries, Turkic Republics and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Effective use of geographic information technologies in all public institutions and organizations particularly local governments is aimed from the symposium. Starting from the expectation of smarter cities in the long view; in the two-day event it is aimed to clarify all participants from our country and from the world about the latest developments on the topics; Smart Cities, Cloud Computing, GIS Technologies, GIS Usage In Local Administrations, GIS Usage In Planning, Urban Information Systems, Climate Changes, GIS In Environment Management, Natural Disaster Management and GIS Usage In Mitigation of Disaster Risks; by technical-scientific sessions, panel discussions and special presentations.

Participation is free to the symposium that will be held with the theme "To understand the present, to share the future" and all current information about the oral presentations, poster presentations and registrationsare located in web address.

The event was foreseen by the grace of our Mr. Minister and we wish also see you to participate and to honor the World GIS Day Symposium.

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