Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems

Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems

Precision Positioning Devices are distributed to Environment and Urbanisation Provincial Administrations

22 June 2015

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) surveying devices are used for precision coordinate determination works by communicating with specifically orbited satellites.

GNSS devices have been purchased, in context of Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation duties (application, dimensional drawing, shore line surveying, building inspection controlling, determining protected areas, etc. ) which need precision surveying. Geographical data services which are prepared by Directorate General of Geographical Information Systems and true orthophoto data will be directly use in the field works which will be held by GNSS devices. The results of the Works will be at a significant deficiency in data production for decision making systems by using the cutting edge technology devices.

In this concept, training and distribution of GNSS devices had been held at Ministry’s Gölbaşı Additional Service Building Campus. Besides, detailed theoretical and practical geodesy and surveying trainings will be provided for all concerned personnel.

Modernisation works of receiver anttenas of existing DGPS devices which are used by Environment and Urbanisation Provincial Administrations proceed. Thus, precision positioning would be done by the GNSS devices which are used within all Ministry units.

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