Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems

Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems

Kick-Off Meeting of 3D Topography and Urban data Modelling Research and Development Project

08 June 2015

Kick-off meeting of "3D Topography and Urban Data Modelling Research and Development Project” which is carried out by General Directorate of Geographical Information Systems was held at the presidency of Undersecretary Professor Dr. Mustafa ÖZTÜRK on 20.05.2015.

The project kick-off meeting was held with the participation of;
- Directorate General of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation Services
- Directorate General of Geographical Information Systems
- Directorate General of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection
- Directorate General of Environmental Management
- İlbank AŞ
- Directorate General of Spatial Planning
- Directorate General of Vocational Services
- General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre
- General Command of Mapping
- Managers and representatives of the several universities
- Contractor personnel.

Following the briefing of Süleyman Salih Birhan, “Head of the General Directorate of Geographical Information“, contractor company presented execution stages of the project.

“3D Topography and Urban Data Modelling Research and Development Project” is composed of the following components;
1. Determination of CityGML based data collection and preparation standards that cover 3D geometry, semantics and topology for large-scale map production.
2. Preparation of the tools which supports CityGML based national standards and capable of; visualization, data processing, modeling, data presentation, data optimization, data conversion and geospatial analysis.
3. Preparation of a 3D model library for easy mapping of the 3D entities (such as city furniture, traffic lights, vegetation and electricity poles).
4. Realization of a pilot project in order to test the defined standards and to conduct the use cases.
5. Organizing technical meetings, workshops and performing dissemination activities.

Participants stated the major issues that should be taken into consideration regarding the responsibilities of the relevant institutes. It is also stated that the Project will make positive contribution to constitute the infrastructure to build common framework to make geospatial analysis and will provide the basis for many future projects regarding the environmental and urban studies.

Undersecretary Prof. Dr. Mustafa Öztürk, stated that the project is crucial to blend environmental and urban policies and ended the meeting with his best wishes.

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