Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems

Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems
Human Resources

Geographic Information Systems Training

In 2013, by distance education model, training about GIS was provided to 554 personnel from all the Ministry’s central and provincial organizations. GIS training programs will also be continued in the upcoming years, including  technical staff of our Ministry and local administrations. Certificates of highly succeeding staff were presented by Undersecretary of MoEU Mr. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖZTÜRK.

As a result of the studies carried out together with the Vocational Qualification Authority, vocational standards for GIS Operators and GIS Specialists have been published in the Official Gazette and also national competence studies
are ongoing. With the aid of these vocational standards, increase in employment on GIS which includes labor-intensive jobs will be provided and by satisfying the need of the job description and qualified personnel of the industry, the
employment of unskilled will be prevented.